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Why Choose Tutor Chest?

Choice and Convenience

As a parent we know you want to make sure your child is offered every possible opportunity to reach their full potential. With Tutor Chest we give you choice. You can search through our tutor database to find the tutor with the experience, rate, and educational philosophy that fits your requirements. Choose the tutor who will create lessons specific to your child and their individual needs. With Tutor Chest you are also given the choice of days and times that work best for your child, their learning style, and your schedule. Payment option is also your choice- PayPal, Venmo, Zelle…Send the money for the tutoring session directly to your tutor through the method of your choice. Your child’s education is in your hands now more than ever before, choose the tutor to help you instruct and inspire your child.

The Tutor Chest Advantage

The Online Platform Dedicated to Connecting Parents with Experienced Tutors

Tutor Chest supports parents in their search for providing their child with the best possible education. At Tutor Chest we understand that the needs of a child are personal and ever changing. Put the control back into your child’s schooling by using Tutor Chest to find the tutor that gives your child what they need.

Tutor Chest Makes it Easy to Find a Tutor.

Tutor Chest is your online destination for tutors. We connect families with tutors and help you be there for the ones you love.

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