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Tutor FAQ

How much money does Tutor Chest charge me to be a tutor?

Due to the pandemic, and our continued mission to give all students an equal and affordable education, the Tutor Chest platform has been free to register and use for all tutors. Unlike any other, we do not charge a membership fee or take a percentage of tutor’s rates. Parents pay directly to the tutors.

How will I know when someone books an available session on my calendar?

You will receive an email from Tutor Chest You will receive an email from Tutor Chest notifying you of a session request. You will be given an option to confirm the session, enter your preferred contact method, as well as any other necessary session details.

How do I create my profile?

Once you register, you will be walked through the profile setup. You must add availability to your calendar. A parent will be able to see your calendar and will book one of you available session. If you have no availability on your calendar, a parent will not be able to book a session with you.

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